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Professional for efficient molding, flanging, wrapping nose line equipment. It is mainly used for forming, flanging and wrapping nose line of non-woven flat face mask. It can produce all kinds of flat face masks. It is characterized by advanced technology, reasonable structure, reliable operation and convenient operation.
Application fields and functional parameters
Application fields: 2-layer non-woven face mask, 3-layer non-woven face mask, medical face mask, 4-layer activated carbon face mask and gas mask.
Equipment function:
(1) Using ultrasonic vibration and special flower wheel, after pressurization, you can obtain the function described above
(2) No smoke, sparks, damage to cloth edge and burr can be avoided during processing
(3) All kinds of round flower wheels can be replaced according to the requirements of customers
(4) During manufacturing, it does not need preheating and can be operated continuously. All drives adopt Mitsubishi servo motor to realize precision and high-speed production of 80-150pcs / min
(5) The width of the mask and the length of the bridge line can be obtained by adjusting the equipment
(6) The flower wheel made of special alloy steel has the characteristics of wear resistance and long service life after special heat treatment process
(7) Simple mechanical operation, easy maintenance, use 20kHz low-noise ultrasonic, anti noise interference
(8) Unique motion control system, more convenient and efficient adjustment
Equipment composition:
The mask body machine is generally composed of 11 parts: material frame, frame (work table and mask), fixed nose line part, embossing part, folding part, forming and cutting part, mask export part, power transmission part, ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer system and electrical control part.

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