Suzhou Hiwec Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a professional building equipment industry standardization and automation of technological innovation-oriented enterprises. The company owns a very professional team, including R & D, manufacturing, sales, customer service and etc. Continue to learn from the advanced countries of similar equipment, advanced concepts and success stories, combined with its efforts to create their own experience, Hiwec owns branded products and patented technology. Target customers are the adhesive industry, electro-optical film industry, electronics industry, release paper / film industry, sticker / label printing industry, flexible circuit board (FCCL) industry, lithium battery separator industry, capacitor separator paper and pulp industries , automated assembly line industry, Hiwec continually meet the needs of different industries procurement requests and solve customer problems.

The company's main products are: precision slitting machine, precision winder, precision automatic paper cutting machine, precision laminating machine, precision die-cutting machines, precision winding machine, precision rotary die-cutting machine, slicing machines, automated assembly line, assembly line, automatic labeling machines and other industry-related equipments.

Modern management, product standardization, precision machine design, are the company's mission; elaborate, sophisticated, competitive products are the company’s commitment; people-oriented is the core of the company.

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