Lithium battery separator independent arm slitting machine
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  • 2019-06-13


Lithium battery separator independent arm slitting machine


Specially used for secondary slitting of lithium battery separators, each slitting unit is actively wound by an independent arm. The tension and pressure on each individual arm can be adjusted independently. Solving the problem of uneven thickness of the separator leads to low cutting yield.
Second, the function and technical parameters description

Applications: Polyolefin microporous membranes, ceramic coating, PVDF coating

Substrate thickness:


Cutting speed:


Mechanical speed:


Winding tension range:

Single arm: 0.03-0.8N/mm
Arms: 0.015-0.4N/mm

Cutting width:


Edge width:

Minimum 10mm

Cutting method:

Round knife, straight knife;

Mother core:


Edge cutting accuracy:

±0.1mm (optional)

Parent roll width:

Maximum: 1200mm
Minimum: 400mm

Parent roll diameter:

Up to 500mm (can be customized)

Winding diameter:

Up to 400mm (can be customized)

Winding core:


Quality requirements:

The amount of curling is ≤0.2mm;
The uniformity of the end face is ≤0.2mm;
Arc degree ≤1mm/m

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