Electromagnetic heating rewinder
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  • 2018-04-08


Function of this equipment:

Stretching of materials,Rewinding and shaping materials and secondary rewinding on lithium battery separators to improve the flatness or eveness of surface. It can solve issues of uneven thickness, folds of separators, ribs, collapse or slumps etc. It is crucial to use for the improvement of diaphragm surface issues. 

二、Description of functions and technical parameters

Precision Tape Slitting Machine

Application field:

various polymer film rewinding Applicable  

Base material: 


Base material thickness:


Rewinding width:


Mechanical speed: 


Rewinding and unwinding tension range:

Rewinding speed: 0-100m/min 

Heating roller temperature range:

30-38 0 °

Heating method:

electromagnetic heating or oil heating; 

Heating roller temperature accuracy: plus or minus 0.5°;

plus or minus 0.5°;

Edge Slitting Accuracy:

±0.1mm (Optional) 

Rewinding Accuracy:

± 0.2mm 

Rewinding (switchable);


Control system:


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